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TITLE: But We Do - Chapter 3
PAIRING: Kurt / Sebastian
RAITING: PG (for this part)
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Glee. The characters belong to their copyright holder.
GENRE/SUMMARY: AU / Kurt ends up moving in with Sebastian after his boyfriend breaks up with him. How bad is going to be?
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Unbeta’d. English is not my native language. All mistakes are mine. This work is loosely based on the movie Someone Like You.

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Another week ends and Kurt is glad that there weren't any more "incidents" of the guy-blowing-your-roommate-on-the-couch category. To worry about Sebastian it's the last thing that he needs right now with all the other things that are going on in his life.
Like the show finally having an opening night, in a real Broadway theatre. And while it's not the first show he has done, it is surely the first one in which he has a shot at say more than a couple of lines. Well, if the actor playing the part has some kind of accident or throws a tantrum fit and leaves. But knowing him it's not that far-fetched.

Not that he wishes him any ill. Everybody gets the cold at least once a year, right?
His ex on the other hand. He is just incredibly annoying. What had he seen in him? Aside from the good looks, killer body, charming smile and manners. Really? Had he been shallow? Or had he saw something else that he couldn't find anymore?

Especially right now, right here. This is his coffee shop. He works here, he comes here. It's his place (and OK, Sebastian's too), not The Jerk's. And yet, he has the gut to, not only show his face here but to sit at his table, uninvited, and to smile at him. Smile. With his charming, I'm-so-sorry, I'm-a-lost-little-puppy-adopt-me, smile.

Where is a martini to throw when you need one?

"Kurt.." The Jerk starts but Kurt is already tired of this shit.

"Why don't we cut the pleasantry and you either go away or get to the point, hn?" he says with a smile. The smile that he gives people that he does not like and he likes The Jerk least of all, even of Sebastian and his nasty habit of eating cheetos and leaving crumbs everywhere and oily fingermarks on every surface he puts his cheetos-stained hands.

"OK.. I don't want to fight, nor I want to bother you. I just want us to talk.." going with his earnest look, the one that makes wrinkles in his forehead but makes him also look very cute. "I.. I miss talking to you. And I'm worried for you.." enters the smolder. Damn, he is charming when he looks and talks like that. So honest-looking. "I just.. I just want to know how are you. And I wanted to say that I'm sorry. I really am."

Kurt doesn't want to give in. He is angry and he doesn't want the anger to go away. The Jerk pulled a very dick move. He ended up living with Sebastian Smythe - of all people - because of him, so he doesn't really want to forgive just yet.
He doesn't think he is capable of that right now, even if he wanted to. He could surely say the words, put on a convincing smile but it would be simply an act, something to make The Jerk feel better.

He sighs wearily but before he can says something, anything at all, he sees Sebastian and Quinn walking in their direction.

"Rachel will be a little late, she is still at reharsal" Quinn informs him while she sits next to The Jerk. For a moment, Kurt can see her as a grown and more mature version of Disney Princess Aurora with her light-pink Givenchy suit. If Princess Aurora ever decided to become a lawyer.

"Are we interrupting something?" she asks, eyeing first The Jerk then Kurt.

"Actually, no" Kurt shakes his head "We were just clearing something".

It seems that Kurt has to clearing something else too, because for some reason he finds that Sebastian has sat next to him and he has put his arm on Kurt's chair back touching slightly his back too. He has done it so casually that Kurt notices it only just now.

"What's that, babe?", Sebastian asks still acting like it's normal to sit so close to Kurt. And calling him "babe".

Babe?, Kurt wants to ask. And also, Is there any coffee in your Courvoisier?.
But The Jerk has just made a face at Sebastian's gesture. He shouldn't. He doesn't like Sebastian, he doesn't like the idea of himself and Sebastian - not even for pretend. But it's so tempting.

"Just that my private life is not his business anymore", he can't really bring himself to add a pet name, something like "honey" or "sweatheart". And it's for the best, he is sure that he can't pull it off as convincing and casual as Sebastian did.

"Kurt..." The Jerk starts but than he seems a little lost for words. His gaze set on the two of them, sitting close. "I'm happy for you two, I suppose" he then adds. Good, old charming Jerk. "I better go".

Kurt smiles and this time it's not just for show. He knows it's a little petty but right now it feels good - like a balm on his wounds - to seeThe Jerk taken aback. Like he can't believe Kurt got over him so fast, and with Sebastian.

When he is gone, Sebastian remove his arm from Kurt shoulder. He sighs, takes another sip of coffee and hand out his hand to Quinn. She fishes a twenty out of her wallet and gives it to him.

"You owe me a twenty, Kurt" Quinn says but she doesn't look like she's unhappy on how it turned out. "You can repay me with drinks tonight".

"I can't stay out too late but OK. Can I at least know what the betting was about?"

"She bet that you wouldn't play along to the "babe", not even in a billion year" Sebastian explains, looking smug. "Like you would had pass the opportunity to make him feel a tool".

And now the moment is gone, Kurt feels petty. Thank you, Sebastian.

"Not if it was by playing "babe" with you" she clarify, mimicking quotetion marks with her fingers. Now, Kurt feels even worse.

"What can I say" Sebastian's devilish smile suits well the smugness in his voice "I'm charming and irresistible".

And Kurt just laugh then. Charming? Irresistable? Sebastian? How this three things ended up in the same sentence?

"See? I even make him laugh".

Quinn shakes her head, smiling amused by them both. A moment later, Kurt's laugh dies as he catches sight of Rachel at the door. He sobers up quickly.

"Listen.. if one of you two say something about this to Rachel, or Finn or Santana, I'm going to murder you".

Sebastian does his things with the eyebrows and the smile and the pose - he raises his eyebrows, smiling like he knows something funny about you, crossing his arms and slouching back. Like he is saying with his body, "Oh, really?".

Kurt eyes him hard. He is already planning how he'll kill him. The murder weapon will be his damned cheetos, let's see how he likes them once they are blocking is airways.

Rachel arrives a little flushed. "I'm sorry I'm late.. but reharsal just kept going, we have been doing the same number non-stop for days. The director doesn't seem to know what he wants. I told him-" but then she pauses, eyeing in Sebastian's direction. "What is he going here?"

"He is leaving" Kurt replies, while at the same time Quinn says "The usual" giving Rachel a look which seems to satisfy her and Sebastian says "Doing what my princess comand" with his mocking tone.

He takes a last sip at his coffee and then he gets up. Before leaving he bow to Kurt and has the nerve of adding "Farewell, Milady".

Where is a martini when you need one to throw in Sebastian Smythe's face?

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Author's Note: Saturday I'm going away until April, after that start the new semester and it's a killer one. So, I'm warning you that it could take a lot more for the next chapter but hopefully it'll come. Thank you to all of you who are reading this. It means the world to me.