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TITLE: But We Do - Chapter 4
PAIRING: Kurt / Sebastian
RAITING: PG (for this part)
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Glee. The characters belong to their copyright holder.
GENRE/SUMMARY: AU / Kurt ends up moving in with Sebastian after his boyfriend breaks up with him. How bad is going to be?
BETA'D BY: Takeyoufromthecynicsinthistown (She's been amazing!)
AUTHOR'S NOTES: English is not my native language. All mistakes are mine. This work is loosely based on the movie Someone Like You.

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The morning after, the sun is shining bright through Kurt's bedroom window, making his headache even worse. As much as he regrets that last drink, he can't really bring himself to regret his evening spent with Rachel and Quinn.
In the last three weeks since his move, he has had less and less time to see and hang around with them. Before he and Rachel at least would have seen and talk to each other at home, even after a long day's work. Now, there are days in which they exchange a few texts and just a phone call - not even a hours-long one. So being with them last night had been a little like going home in their old apartment.

The only sore point about yesterday, the same point he tried to drown with all those drinks, is the "babe" business with Sebastian. He is still conflicted about it, feeling both bad and good.
He had been right in saying that his private life wasn't The Jerk's concern anymore, but letting him believe that there was something between him and Sebastian was just wrong on so many levels. Aside from the whole "with Sebastian"-thing that makes his skin crawl, he didn't really think it through. The Jerk could talk to the others and from one person to another it could end all the way up in Ohio to his father and Finn. Since he still hasn't told them that he's living with Sebastian that would be bad, really bad.
He could just picture Finn booking the first flight out to New York to either beat up Sebastian, or shoot him. He still has that protective instinct, the big brother attitude that Kurt finds both endearing and annoying sometimes.

So, today he's going to call his dad and tell him the truth. He had been vague about his move, only saying that the apartment is beautiful and that Ray, The Jerk's name, is fine. Which are both true, so he hasn't technically lied. It's just that he is simply not telling the whole truth.

He gets out of bed, the headache won't be leaving him if he doesn't get the aspirin bottle in the bathroom. On the way, he catches a glimpse of Sebastian making breakfast. The smell of bacon, eggs and coffee is delicious and Kurt decides to indulge himself today. It'll be a tough call to make.
When he comes in the kitchen he is tempted to go stand behind Sebastian to look over his shoulder at the juicy bacon and scrambled eggs. Like Sebastian always does when it's Kurt cooking, asking questions about the food and trapping him between the heat of the kitchen and the heat of his body.
But Kurt prefers to put some distance between them, to renforce some boundaries before someone even thinks about traspassing. He doesn't need another knight-in-shining-douchebag moment from Sebastian, he knows better ways to spend twenty dollars.

"Her Highness is up, I see" Sebastian mocks him.

"I can't say the same thing for your maturity" Kurt pauses, pretending to suddenly remember something "Oh, right... you don't have any". He gives Sebastian a 'I don't like you' smile.

"All these compliments early in the morning will make me blush" Sebastian starts, playing this game too "Oh, no.. I'm not a blushing virgin with a vagina. Keep going".

"You're a misogynous pig, Sebastian".

"Yet you're eating my bacon" he replies, making it a sexual innuendo with his pleased smirk.

"And not surprisingly, there is not much of it". Kurt looks Sebastian stright in the eyes. This morning they seems to be green with a little of gold.

Sebastian holds Kurt's gaze and for a few seconds staying silent. But instead of being taken aback from Kurt's insinuation, he seems rather amused.

"Ouch, babe.." Sebastian's voice becomes a little deeper and his lips curve in a smile that reaches his amused eyes.

The pet-name breaks up the moment and Kurt rolls his eyes in annoyance.

They spent the rest of the breakfast eating in silence. Sebastian looking things up on his phone while Kurt is lost in his thoughts. But soon enough Kurt's gaze goes back at Sebastian when he starts clearing the table.

"You're done, right?" he asks.

Kurt nods, "Yes" and looks at him while he goes from table to kitchen. Sebastian moves quickly but without rushing things, showing the confidence of someone following a routine. When he is done, he grabs his laptop-bag and his jacket. He says a quick "See ya, Princess" and then he's out the door.


Kurt is nervous but as soon as he hears Burt's voice he feels a weight shifting from his shoulders. He misses his dad, his voice, his happy smile.
They spent half an hour talking about Burt's check-up with the doctors (which went fine), Caroles promotion and Finn working with Burt at the auto-shop and his program for troubled teens. Talking about Finn and the girl he's dating brings Burt to ask about Kurt and Ray and Kurt takes in a deep breath before telling the truth to his father.

Burt is surprised and then enraged with Ray. For a moment Kurt is worried that he's thinking about putting Finn and his U.S. Marine training on a plane to come and kick Ray's ass. He also has to deal with the question "Why didn't you tell me?". It's not an easy one but he musters up the courage to tell the truth. He feels ashamed to have believed they were moving in together, to have been left when things seemed to be great between them.
It's not the whole truth, Kurt knows that. He just can't admit it, not even to himself.

The next step is explaining Sebastian. Kurt is a little more afraid of Finn's reaction than his dad's, Burt doesn't know Sebastian that much and with a little luck he will not even remember him.

"So, who is this other guy you're living with?"

"Sebastian, he was at Dalton." he tries to sweep the fact under the metaphorical rug by quickly adding "He's.. okay!" maybe with a little too much false enthusiasm. "He always does the dishes". The dishes? It's really all the good that he has to say about Sebastian?

"Wasn't he that kid that blinded Blaine?" Burt asks, confused.

"Hm" Say something, Kurt. "Yeah.."

"And you're living with him." he sounds still a little baffled about this turn of events, then he asks carefully "Are you two together, or something?".

"No! Dad, no!". This is not going well. "We are just roommates" he responds firmly.

"Okay, 'kay. Just askin'. I remember you hated the guy's gut, so maybe things have changed"

"Not that much, dad". He has to take in another deep breath, trying to calm himself. "I needed a place to stay and he was looking for a roommate, that's it. We're not even friends". Not a good selling point, Kurt.

"I don't want to upset you, Kurt. Just.. are you sure you want to live with this guy?"

"Yes." What? "I mean.. I don't want to go apartment-hunting. The place is nice and I don't run that much into Sebastian. We're both too busy with our jobs". Whatever Sebastian's is.

"Okay, but if you need help.. of any kind, you know we're all here for you".

"I know, dad". And just like that his father makes him smile and feel loved.

He really does miss him.

He passes the remaning time until lunch cleaning the apartment, so that he can ignore Finn's calls and texts. He'll read them later, after all he already knows what they'll all say.
"Are you crazy?", "Is he blackmailing you?", "Is this a joke?", "Are you sleeping with him?".
Maybe not exactly like that, but something along those lines. While he knows that Finn just want to protect him, he really doesn't think he needs protecting. Not from Sebastian anyway.

He isn't a kid anymore. Neither of them are.
While Sebastian sometimes seems to have the maturity of a ten year-old, the worst things he has done are the 'blow by guy on the couch' incident and the 'cheetos' stains on his quilt' that he is going to pay the dry-cleaning for.

At least there aren't naked guys around this place that sit on his forniture. That he knows of.

He should really clean the couch now.

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