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TITLE: But We Do - Chapter 6
PAIRING: Kurt / Sebastian
RAITING: PG-13 (for this part)
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Glee. The characters belong to their copyright holder.
GENRE/SUMMARY: AU / Kurt ends up moving in with Sebastian after his boyfriend breaks up with him. How bad is going to be?
BETA'D BY: Takeyoufromthecynicsinthistown (She's been amazing!)
AUTHOR'S NOTES: English is not my native language. All mistakes are mine. This work is loosely based on the movie Someone Like You.

Read it on Tumblr: Chapter 6
Read it on AO3: Chapter 6

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"Are you and Sebastian doing something this weekend?", Ray asks Kurt during one of the breaks.

A couple of days ago, Kurt decided to stop giving Ray the cold shoulder. It doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt anymore or that he has forgiven him, it's just hard to be mad at him all the time. There are still moments where he feels angry with him, with him and Dan being together and happy. But there are other moments too when he misses not just Ray the lover, but Ray the friend.

So now Kurt speaks to Ray, but it doesn't mean that he'll clear the little misunderstanding about himself and Sebastian any time soon.

"I don't know. Why?"

"No, nothing. Since, it's.. you know... Halloween. I thought you were doing something", but Kurt can tell that 'Halloween' isn't exactly what Ray wanted to say.

Kurt had forgotten that Halloween was coming up, time had pass by quickly this last month. Then it hits him.
What Ray is really asking it's if he and Sebastian have any plans to celebrate their second month together. Two months it isn't exactly a milestone in a relantionship but, thinking about it, with Sebastian it probably is. If he was with Sebastian, which he is not.

"But I was thinking to make something special for dinner tonight" and now that he thinks about it, it's a great idea. There is a bottle of red wine that Sebastian had brought home the other day and enough apples to bake a pie.
It would be a way to say “thank you for bring me that Ozmopolitan and in doing so perpetrating the lie that we're together” to Sebastian without actually have to say the words. They hadn't talk about it after. Kurt wasn't going to bring it up, hearing Sebastian's opinions about Ray and his love life was the last thing he needed that night. Sebastian didn't seem interested in offering his opinions (more like insults, really, it's him we are talking about), which it was a little weird but easly explainable with the long trip to get home and Rachel's presence (he just loves vexing her).

Ray doesn't get much more than that from Kurt, he is too busy thinking about dinner.


Dinner goes smoothly if one doesn't count Sebastian's "Martha Stewart" comments. Like he's the one to talk, what about all the Gordon Ramsay stuff on his TiVo? Of course when Kurt asks him about it he says that he watches it just for the insults, which in his case is probably true.

"It's so you, watching a guy tear people down" Kurt comments.

"You says it like they don't deserve it.. that guy fucked up all the meat".

"I just don't think that yelling at him and calling him names is the right way to resolve the problem".

"What was to suppose to do? Hold the guy's hand?" Sebastian snorts "Cuddle with him and says 'it's ok you messed up all of that food, it's not like we pay for it' or something?"

"I didn't say that, but I don't think humiliation is a better solution".

"It's just a show, the guy knew what he was getting into".

"It still doesn't make it right".

"Of course, that's how you see it". Kurt doesn't like the way Sebastian says it, like he's accusing him of something, and he doesn't care how much wine they both had at this point.

"And what is that suppose to mean?", he asks right away.

"That you're always soft with people that don't deserve it", Sebastian spats out, he almost seems mad at Kurt.

And Kurt he's mad too at Sebastian now, but he doesn't know why.

"Yes, you're absolutely right. I'm soft with you, right?" he replies, smiling but not meaning it. He gets up and takes the dessert away with him in his room, all of it.

Kurt then does something he'll probably regret in the morning, but he's not thinking straight now. He texts Ray and tells him the truth.

"@Ray: I'm not with Sebastian. He's a major asshole, I can't stand him".

Ray calls him and for a moment Kurt hesitates, but before he can asks himself what he's doing he awnsers.
Hearing Ray's voice and knowing he still cares gives Kurt a warm feeling. They start talking and he forgets that they are not together anymore, that Ray is with Dan now, that he's been left for someone else. He let himself forget all those little details.
Ray is like the red wine he drank at dinner, soothing. It makes his head feels dizzy and his feelings numb.

But in the end it's just temporary. Like the wine, it wears off. There is no warmth, no Ray.

Only apple pie.


The next morning Kurt avoids Sebastian, and it seems he's doing the same because they don't run into each other until the weekend.

Sebastian is at the dinner table putting his Halloween' make-up on. He has already made his skin look pale and greyish, complete with veiled blue veins along his neck. The white eye-contacts give the perfect zombie stare look and he is trying to do the eyes make-up but without much success.

Kurt is ready to go out but seeing Sebastian's failing attemps stops him from going. He'll be early anyway.
So, he finds himself seated next to his roommate and going through his Halloween' make-up.

"Stop that, Sebastian, or you'll ruin all you've manage so far" Kurt says to him, annoyed.

"I know what I'm doing", Sebastian protests but he stops anyway.

"You clearly don't. I can fix-it" Kurt tilts Sebastian's chin up "Look up".

"I don't need your help. It's zombie make-up, not Barbie's" he replies but still, he looks up and lets Kurt work on his eyes. The brush is soft on his skin and Kurt strokes are confident.

"Zombie Barbie, got it". Kurt stays focus on the task at hand but Sebastian's eyes are right there, even if covered by creepy white contacts. He gives a quick glances down to Kurt, that readily says him "Up!".

"If you make me a Barbie's face, I'm taking Ken's car to run you over".

"Stop being such a baby and don't move".

"I'm not moving and I'm not being a baby".

"You're talking. Now close your eyes".

Sebastian glances at him again but then closes his eyes.

"You're always so bossy, Mr Tight-Pants. By the way.. what are you suppost to be? Hooker number two?"

"It's a contemporary take and male version of Red Riding Hood".

"It suits you" he comments. Before Kurt can be surprised by it, Sebastian adds "One of the story's interpretations sees the red cloak as a symbol for menstrual period and you're perpetually on yours". Insulting Kurt by calling him a girl, no surprise there.

"Guess, what? Your costume also suits you. No intelligence and you're only capable to use your mouth for eating and making irritating noises". Why he always ends up pissing off Kurt?

"Oh, no.. I can use my mouth to do a lot of other things". He says smirking, clearly hinting at his 'sexual prowess'.

"Being a dick" Kurt responds without thinking. He's annoyed by Sebastian but he keeps giving the last few touches to his make-up. When he's finished with the eyes, he goes through the make-up again to choose the right lipstick. He doesn't tell Sebastian that he can reopens his eyes.

"Wrong, but close. The verb you're looking for is not 'to be' but-". Kurt interromps him before he can end the sentence.

"Unless you want to be a zombie-clown you better shut up. Your IQ will grow exponencially".

Sebastian stop speaking then, but he opens his eyes. He looks at him while Kurt applies the lipstick and his attention is solely on Sebastian's thin lips. Yep, he's looking at them but for professional reasons only. He's just impressed that they're not chapped even if he doesn't seems to use any lip balm.

"Now, do this with your lips" Kurt instructs him, Sebastian complies. "And we're done".

Sebastian takes a little mirror to check Kurt's work.

"Not bad" he concedes.

"Don't try so hard to say 'thank you', I wouldn't want to see you spontaneously combust". Kurt smiles again, that 'I don't like you' smile.

"How sweet" Sebastian smiles too, a 'like a dead kitten' smile. Which, thinking about it, Kurt supposes Sebastian could find a dead kitten sweet since he's the devil. "Try not to miss me to much while you're at your little spinsters party".

Kurt answers back to him by shutting the apartment door loudly behind him while he leaves. He has got enough of Sebastian for the day.


Yet, Kurt sees Sebastian again hours later. Sebastian is still in his zombie costume. Black slacks, grey shirt, red tie.
He's with some other guy that is wearing a spartan costume, meaning nothing save for the cape and the little piece of fabric that keeps him from being completely naked. They're dancing (it looks more like humping) and kissing (which is ruining Sebastian's make-up).

Really, after all that work?

Eddie, one of his co-worker from the musical, approces him with drinks. He's wearing a werewolf costume, more of a Teen Wolf type than The Munsters.

He's obviously trying to flirt with Kurt and after catching sight of Ray and Dan dancing, Kurt is more than happy to flirt right back.

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Author's Note: I'm sorry it took so long for this chapter.

Some trivia about this chapter:Eddie is the name of the male protagonist in the movie Someone Like You, played by Hugh Jackman.
I imagine Kurt's Red Riding Hood costume as a male rendition of Ruby from Once Upon a Time. But I didn't describe it to let everybody imagine it as they like it.
Sebastian is actually a very specific zombie, not just a random one. One imaginary golden star to who guess it right.