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TITLE: But We Do - Prologue
PAIRING: Kurt / Sebastian
RAITING: PG (for this part)
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Glee. The characters belong to their copyright holder.
GENRE/SUMMARY: AU / Kurt ends up moving in with Sebastian after his boyfriend breaks up with him. How bad is going to be?
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Unbeta’d. English is not my native language. All mistakes are mine. This work is loosely based on the movie Someone Like You.
I wrote this at 3am on paper with a pencil instead of getting any sleep, that I need since I have to go to univerity today. Where is waiting for me five hours of standing up dreaming of a chair while I watch people put through a neurophysiopatologic exam and a two hour lesson on encefalography.

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Prologue |  Chapter 1 »

You know when you put together a worst-thing-that-can-happen list and then one of those things actually happens to you? Well, this is not exactly one of those times. No, this is so much worse that Kurt could've never ever come up with it, not even in a billion years of heavy drinking and drug abuse.

He is moving in with Sebastian Smythe. Not moving in as a couple, no. But still. They'll share the living room, the kitchen, and the bathroom. There'll be a lot of sharing. Too much sharing for Kurt's liking.

Why does he wants to do it then? Oh, right. Because he said so. Because he had move out from his and Rachel's apartment to move in with someone who turned out to be a complete jerk. This jerk-that-shall-not-be-named, he first propose Kurt to move in together and then, after they found the perfect place and Kurt has already packed his things up, he decides to get back together with his ex. Marvellous. Great. Who doesn't wish something like that?

Rachel by that point had already made arrangement with a new roommate, Quinn. And while the two offer Kurt to stay with them, he really isn't up to it. They would have found the space, probably, but it wouldn't had been comfortable. Plus the expression on the jerk-that-shall-not-be-named's face when Kurt asked Sebastion, out of all people, if he was still looking for a roommate was priceless.

He could still hear his shocked voice, "You're moving in with Sebastian?" and for few minutes it makes him smile with satisfaction. Just until reality kicks in and he finds himself asking the same question, more shocked and with a slice of panic.

The apartment is nice, is an answer. And when he first got to see it, he was pleasantly surprised to find out that it didn't look like a mess and he didn't see any health hazard either. Guess living with Finn had scarred him for life. No, the apartment was really nice, well kept, spacious and in a good position. Really, the only flaw was basically Sebastian.

Yet things with them aren't like in high school anymore. Kurt still doesn't like Sebastian and he is sure that the feeling is mutual. But after they kept running into each other in a city like New York with a little more than eight million people in it, they came to accept the fact that they both existed and weren't going anywhere else.

So it happens that they share a table at their usual coffee shop now and then, when all the place is full. They don't really talk that much, the occasional insult just for practise. Then you-know-who makes is coming out as a major jerk by leaving Kurt boyfriendless, homeless and with no other choice than moving in with Sebastian Smythe.

Ok, maybe he had other choices. He could have accepeted Rachel and Quinn's offer just for the time necessary to find a new place, a Sebastian-less place. But he doesn't have the energy, going back apartament hunting just him is the last thing he wants to do. So he sucks it up (the situation!) and goes living with Sebastian. How bad could it be?

Prologue |  Chapter 1 »