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TITLE: But We Do - Chapter 5
PAIRING: Kurt / Sebastian
RAITING: PG-13 (for this part)
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Glee. The characters belong to their copyright holder.
GENRE/SUMMARY: AU / Kurt ends up moving in with Sebastian after his boyfriend breaks up with him. How bad is going to be?
BETA'D BY: Takeyoufromthecynicsinthistown (She's been amazing!)
AUTHOR'S NOTES: English is not my native language. All mistakes are mine. This work is loosely based on the movie Someone Like You.

Read it on Tumblr: Chapter 5
Read it on AO3: Chapter 5

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A couple of weeks later, Kurt is still too busy with his work to notice that it's been over a month that he's been living with Sebastian Smythe, evil's spawn, and he's still alive and relatively sane to tell about it.
It's Rachel that tells him that it's been that long. The other thing that Rachel makes him notice, with no subtlely whatsoever, because he is pretty sure Rachel is incapable of that, is that he still hasn't show the apartment to his friends. And while he's able to dodge the issue saying that he's too busy with work with the show's premiere just three more days away, he can't put the thought out of his mind. Walking home from his meeting with the girls, Kurt can't help but thinking about a small group of friends to invite for a dinner party.
By the time he's taking the elevator he already has the menu, the setting, the music planned out. Then one single thought brings all this down like it's just a nice little house made of cards: Sebastian.

To have Sebastian there, it'll mean certain ruin of the event.
Rachel is still holding a grudge against him for that photoshopped photo of Finn, and related threat. Plus Sebastian still likes to call her names. Quinn doesn't hate him but she doesn't exactly like him, or so Kurt thinks, seeing as they argue a lot about law whenever they find the way to sneak the subject into the conversation. He barely listens to them anyway, he just finds refuge with whoever is stuck at the table with him like Rachel or Ray (before the jerk-outing) or even Mike.
Mike hasn't interacted much with Sebastian since High School and thinking about it, Kurt can recall just twice in the past two years that they have crossed ways. So Mike is not a big fan of his roommate, he was against Kurt moving in with him. He still keeps offering to take Kurt in, but if Rachel's apartment would had been crowded with three people, Mike's apartment would had been suffocating with four since he already lives with two other guys.
Really, the only person from his and Sebastian's past that would have no problems with him being there is Santana. She'd love to have an insult match with him, plus they are like BFF's or something quite like that.

No, he needs Sebastian out of the apartment if he wants to do this.

He's working on how to lead up at the "I don't want you at my party" bit of the conversation when opening the door he almost runs into Sebastian that is on his way out. He's wearing a shirt with "when in doubt try another hole" written on it that fits him well. Too well.

Than he catches sight of the small suitcase he's carrying.

"Are you leaving?" escapes him involuntarily in an accusatory tone. Big mistake.

"Ow! Are you already missing me?" is of course, Sebastian's response. Was there ever any doubt about it?

"You caught me. I'm so gutted by the news that I'm going to open a bottle of champagne" Kurt makes sure this time that there is sarcasm dripping from his tone and soaking into Sebastian's smug face.

But Sebastian doesn't really care, or so it seems.

"As long you don't touch my PlayStation and X-Box I don't care." he says going all serious "I'm away for a couple of days, I'm back Thursday's evening. Try not to burn the place down and no make-overs!"

"Are you sure? I was thinking about something in the style of Arabian Nights with veils and golden chandeliers". It almost gets him.

"Ah-ah" he says humorless "That's not funny, Hummel".

"Guess what? Neither are you, Smythe".

"If you try to pull something like that.." he looks directly in Kurt's eyes. He draws closer until Kurt's back is pressed against the door's frame and their bodies are almost touching. Kurt stares at him right back, he's unaffected by Sebastian's antics so far and he shows it looking skeptic and a little bored. What he thinks to accomplish? Scare him? Seduce him?
Kurt is about to laugh but then Sebastian moves so he can speak right in his ear. It's unfair how hot the ghost of his breath is and how delicious is the way that it's caressing Kurt's skin.

"I'm going to.." and he pauses, because he is evil "..take all of your clothes.." pure evil "..and toss 'em out in the street".

Kurt shoves him away and Sebastian backs against the opposite side of the door's frame. They look at each other and then Kurt enters the apartment grabbing the door.

"Try not to kill anyone with your foul breath" Kurt shakes his hand as to stir the air. He keeps a straight face saying it but once the door is closed he's the one smirking amused at Sebastian's offended look.

He knows it's childish, but since he was told not too, if there is one thing he has to do now that Sebastian is away, it's touching the PlayStation and the X-Box.


Wednesday evening, the party is a success.
Good food, good music, good company and lots of alcohol (thanks to Santana). At some point there is even some mildy nudity (also thanks to Santana) and some heavy PDA (that's mostly Mike and his girlfriend. He has to make sure they don't disappear in his bedroom, every friendship has its limit).

Not even Ray and Dan Roberts, The Director's, presence can ruin the evening. Surely it helps that Kurt's downing a couple more drinks than what is usual for him. When Dan is too busy talking to someone else about how awesome he is to notice what's his boyfriend is doing, Ray approaches Kurt out on the balcony.

"Hey" he greets him, shily.

"Hey" Kurt replies.

"Cool party. Those zucchini's rolls were delicious."

Kurt feels his cheeks going hot again even against the chilly wind.

"Thank you".

They stay in silence but not for long as not much after Ray speaks again.

"So.. Sebastian isn't at home", it's a mix between an affermation and a question.

"No. He's away for work".

"I'm sure he's sorry to miss the party".

Kurt sighs.

"You have no idea". He'd probably love to be here now, making fun of them. Kurt is slightly curious of seeing what would happen at having Sebastian and Dan in the same room, interacting. The thought makes him shiver.

Ray misinterprets it.

"It's chilly out here" he says and starts taking off his jacket. Kurt knows what he's going to do. He'll give his jacket to him and Kurt will be surrounded by his warmth and his scent. And then he'll take Kurt's hand in his and warm them too, joking about how they're always cold.

Kurt finds himself both desiring and dreading it to happen. To feel Ray close again.

But it's somone else's warmth that settle behind him, the light pressure of a chest against his back. It's someone else's hand that sneak under his shirt to rest on his belly, someone else's scent that assaults him.

"Miss me?" Sebastian asks putting in front of him the Ozmopolitan he holds in his other hand.

Sneaky bastard.

"You have no idea" he replies. But in his mind he's talking to the Ozmopolitan, really.

Kurt takes the glass from Sebastian's hand, inevitably touching his fingers. He guide it to his lips and closes his eyes as he drinks the strong and cold green liquid.

"I'll leave you two alone. Me and Dan have to go anyway" is Ray's uncomfortable salute. "See you tomorrow, Kurt".

"Hn-hm" Kurt answers.

He hears him going back in. Then it's just the wind and his and Sebastian's breaths.

"Give them another couple of minute, then I think the coast'll be clear" Sebastian's voice is again close enough to caress Kurt's skin. This time is his neck that it's been tormented.

"This is really good". Kurt raises the glass so he doesn't get misunderstood.

"Hobbit-girl made it". Sebastian rest his chin on Kurt's head. He had been grown tall but so did Sebastian and so he's still four inches taller than Kurt.

"Who?" Kurt doesn't bother to sigh at the name.


"Her name is Rachel".

"I find Psycho-Berry more fitting".

"You're just lucky that 'the more fitting name' for you it's a mouthful to..." He doesn't end the phrase.

But he realises too late his mistake. Sebastian starts laughing and Kurt finds himself laughing with him. He blames it on the alcohol.


When the coast is clear, they go back in.
Kurt can tell that Mike had been keeping an eye on them, worried, but more relaxed now that he can see Kurt's eyes smiling. The two friends exchange a few glances, like they're silently comunicating with one another.

Quinn collects twenty dollars from Rachel while she gives them a disapproving look. Kurt's not sure if it's because of the money she just losts or for how they acted all cozy with each other before.

Santana eyes them and smirks. Kurt doesn't like it.

"You two still live together?" she asks, as in need of a confirmation.

Kurt is perplexed. He didn't thought she had that much to drink.

"Yes. Why?"

He doesn't even start saying the 'w' of 'Why?' that Santana extendeds her hand.

"One month. Gotcha ya, suckers!"

Quinn sighs and puts fifty dollars in it. Soon after Rachel, Mike and even Mike's girlfriend Liz, do the same.

He has terrible friends.

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